Covid-19 information for guests


We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Summer Isles Croft – at a safe distance of course! – when you come for your much-needed holiday in what’s been a challenging year for us all.

We’ve prepared some useful information for you on Coronavirus, to keep you, ourselves and our community safe from infection:

General Information

Scottish Government Covid-19 policies differ in some respects from those of the Westminster Government, generally being more cautious in the easing of lockdown. The Scottish Government policies in place at the time of your visit can be viewed here:

Two significant differences between Scotland and England (where many of our guests come from) that you should be aware of are that the in most situations the 2-metre social distancing limit is still in force, and that face-coverings are to be worn in shops by everyone aged 5 years and over, unless medically exempt. Please bring your own face-covering and bring personal bottles of hand-sanitiser with you for use with gates, etc, when out on walks.

Those coming from outside Scotland will have to comply with their own country’s current regulations, as well as Scotland’s, when considering travelling to the Highlands.

The Coigach peninsula, 260 residents approximately, has so far been Covid-19 free as far as we know. If there was to be an outbreak it is relatively easy to pinpoint the origin with such low population numbers, with the stringent Scottish Government Test and Protect programme. Covid-19 infection numbers in Scotland have been very low but have risen recently with local movement restrictions being re-introduced. Please help to keep our local population free of this disease as we have a large proportion of long-lived and therefore vulnerable residents. Thank you.

General guidance given by VisitScotland is as follows:

–       Not travelling if you have Covid-19 symptoms or have been told to self-isolate

–       Observing physical distancing measures

–       Regular use of hand sanitiser and regular handwashing

–       Planning ahead and checking if businesses and attractions are open and welcoming visitors

–       Being considerate of local communities and their precious resources

–       Supporting the local tourism industry by eating local, seeing local and buying local

If you develop symptoms while at Summer Isles Croft

If you develop symptoms during your stay, please immediately inform us. Specific steps you should take can be found here.

NHS Scotland operates independently from NHS England; should you wish to be informed about Scotland’s Covid-19 response strategies, please consult NHS Scotland’s online information available here:

Covid-19 safety procedures which we have put in place for your and others wellbeing 

The house will have been thoroughly cleaned as usual, but with additional steps in the cleaning protocol to include specific anti-viral treatment of all hard and soft surfaces. Entry to the house will be delayed until 4pm on the day of arrival to allow for the full cleaning and disinfection procedures to be completed.

We follow the rigorous cleaning protocols set out by the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers. They can be viewed here.  

We are registered and approved under the VisitScotland Covid-19 “We’re Good to Go” initiative which covers risk awareness and management, and cleaning and disinfection procedures amongst other steps to minimise opportunities for viral transmission.

A pump spray of anti-viral surface disinfectant is provided for your use around the house.

There will be wrapped soaps in the bathrooms and individually wrapped toilet paper rolls ready for your use.

We will of course provide all bed linen and towels, hot washed and quarantined for a week before use. However, should you wish you may bring your own but please let us know if you plan to do so.

Before you go

There are some important safety considerations for ourselves and helpers who perform the cleaning and ‘changeovers’ between guests. Please follow these instructions to help ensure our safety and that of others:

  • Please strip your beds of top sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases and fold into large zipped plastic carrier marked ‘bed linen’ before you leave.
  • Please fold all towels into the other zipped carrier.
  • Please tie up and close the plastic bags lining the little waste bins in the bathrooms, bedrooms and the main rubbish bin under the sink and pop into the outside main black rubbish bin before you leave.

Thank you so much for doing this – it will help protect us and the next arrivals just as the previous visitors will have done for you.

Other information relating to Covid-19 measures in the community

Three or four excellent local food providers now have take-away or delivery menus. You will find them along with contact details in the blue Summer Isles Croft information booklet in the house. 

The two local food shops here, both licensed, are very well stocked. Remember to wear face coverings when visiting the shops and observe their customer instructions. 

Achiltibuie Stores (which has the fuel pumps) often also stocks local seafood. It will also deliver right to your door. You can place orders with Achiltibuie Stores before you arrive by phone or email.( The smaller Port a Bhaigh Campsite shop in Altandhu has longer opening hours, and Sunday opening, for your convenience. (our local visitor-info website) has the contact details of local businesses, opening times, events and activity providers locally. 

We hope this has been of help to reassure you about our stringent Covid-19 preparations and the availability of other services during your stay.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions.

These are strange times we are living through, but with care, consideration and thoughtfulness for each other we can all still enjoy being in our holiday destinations.

Very best wishes

Lesley and Iain Muir