Subject to prior agreement we normally allow one dog (or at the most two, if deemed suitable) with the following provisos:

  • bring your dog’s own bed/blankets (he/she will be happier with familiar things in a strange place);
  • bring a cage if you have one for your dog to stay in at night;
  • no dog is to go upstairs or on the seats/sofas;
  • no dog is to be left alone in the house;
  • you must scoop all poop and dispose of in a suitable bag in the grey wheelie bin;
  • no incontinent pets allowed;
  • your dog/s must be up to date with flea treatment/prevention;
  • your dog/s must be towelled dry (your own towel!) before coming into the house if wet;
  • you agree to be responsible for cleaning the house before your departure to remove all traces of the animal being there.

The garden is not dog-proof, so dogs cannot be left untethered outside. There is no physical boundary between the garden and the neighbours. A tether point is provided in the garden. Coigach is a crofting area with sheep wandering at will about most places (though not in the garden), so the usual precautions need to be taken with dogs that aren’t trained to ignore sheep. Dogs which worry sheep or other livestock may legally be shot – and this is indeed liable to happen should your dog worry any livestock (in this context, ‘worry’ means attack or even just chase).

Please treat your dog with an effective tick preventative (e.g. Seresto collar, Bravecto tablets) before you come, to stop them picking up ticks which they might otherwise do if walking on rough ground. Seresto collars, once vet-only, are now available from animal pharmacies without prescription; Bravecto tablets are vet-only – tick prevention products available over-the-counter at pet shops, supermarkets, etc. are not as effective, and are not recommended.

We reserve the right to charge extra for any additional cleaning which needs to be done as a result of you having a dog, and for any damage done to the property.

Pets other than dogs may be allowed pending our approval.