What you’ll need…and what you won’t…

We asked members of the FaceBook page ‘Achiltibuie Appreciation Society’ what they thought was important to have for an enjoyable holiday in Achiltibuie – and what things should be left behind. Here’s their recommendations…


You’ll need:
Sunscreen, waterproofs, walking boots, buckets and spades, kayaks, binoculars, flip-flops, wellies, midge repellent, bird book, swimwear, warm clothes, bikes, sunglasses, that book you wanted to read, camera, taste buds, fishing tackle, maps and compass (or GPS), chargers and batteries for all your gadgets, a sense of adventure, kites, courtesy when driving on our single track roads (use passing places to let people behind you overtake; wave and smile at people who pull into passing places
for you; keep to the left), rum and paracetamol, a book or three of Norman McCaig’s poetry, musical instruments, flasks (not specified if for whisky or coffee).


Don’t bring:
A fear of wide open spaces…or sheep; an accurate watch; a narrow mind; that report you said you’d finish off; an inability to reverse your car; Jeremy Clarkson books; metrosexual fashion apparel; over-weaning self-regard.